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Saito Shukuba is a small Bed & Breakfast style guest house with three rooms - three private rooms, located in Higashi-sonogi, Nagasaki.

Welcome to Saito Shukuba – a friendly customer-oriented guest house run by Jin and Akiko.


In 2016, we left our familiar city of Tokyo and started a journey to search for a new home. A month later, a fateful encounter came when we arrived in Nagasaki. That was an abandoned ryokan - Japanese style hostel named “Ebisuya Goryokan”, which is now reborn as “Saito Shukuba”

More than three years passed, and we have finally realized our lifelong dream of having a guest house serving delicious food with local fresh ingredients. Now it’s ready for travelers from all over the world. 


We have always loved to travel where we can enjoy interacting with local people and discovering something amazing from them. We hope you will have such an experience in this friendly village and feel like coming home. We look forward to your visit to our guest house, Saito Shukuba.


1662-8 Dajigo Higashisonogi-cho, Higashisonogi-gun,

Nagasaki 859-3927 Japan

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