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Saito Shukuba is a small Bed & Breakfast style guest house located in Higashi-Sonogi, Nagasaki. It features two types of rooms - two private rooms and one co-ed dormitory.

Our property was originally an older-style private house which underwent renovation once it was passed under our care. Therefore, it does not feature some of the facilities common to hotels such as complete private rooms. Toilet and shower facilities are shared. In addition, our guest house follows a self-service principle. We do not offer fully attentive services found common to hotels; guests are kindly asked to make their own beds.

Unfortunately we do not offer such amenities as towels, nightclothes (yukata) or toothbrushes, so we encourage guests to consider preparing any necessities beforehand. If needed, guests can opt to purchase a toothbrush or rent towels.

Our cafe & lounge areas are open to not only our guests but also the general public. Please feel free to stop by and enjoy interacting and exchanging with both guests and locals alike. We would like all to feel “at home” in our guest house, and to feel what it is like to live in Higashi-Sonogi.



We recommend checking in 30 minutes prior to sunset. You can enjoy the sunset over Omura Bay, and also the starry sky in the evening.

In the morning, you can start your day pleasantly enjoying a fresh cup of tea while overlooking Omura Bay.  After breakfast, we recommend you visit the café renovated from an old private house, and also stop by the local fishery ports.

Higashi-Sonogi is located in the center of Nagasaki Prefecture. It is a scenic place surrounded by the ocean and mountains. It is adjacent to Saga Prefecture which allows for convenient sightseeing.

From Huis Ten Bosch station, you can ride the JR Omura line for 30 minutes. If you drive by car for 30 – 40 minutes, you can enjoy the traditional ceramics, Arita and Hasami ware. Also, you can visit Ureshino onsen (hot spring), which is said to be excellent for skin health protection.

Higashi-Sonogi is rich with agriculture, and there is a road station where farmers can bring vegetables and crops directly. We, Saito Shukuba, offer breakfast made with these local original vegetables and rice from Higashi-Sonogi. There are tea terraces spread out along the border share with Saga Prefecture, and you can enjoy tea picking and tea making experiences.

We are proud of Higashi-Sonogi nature and beauty, and invite you to experience it for yourself. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at Saito Shukuba.

  • ​-History-

    Higashi-Sonogi is located in the central area of Nagasaki prefecture. Located at the intersection of the Nagasaki Highway and the Hirado Highway, during the Edo period Higashi-Sonogi prospered as an inn town as the streets bustled with many merchants, samurai and foreign visitors. In addition, the town flourished as a relay hub for whaling where unloaded whales were sent to various places around Kyushu.Today, within the town there are still traces of these streets and the whaling industry, in addition to the presence of ancient tombs and ruins.

  • -Tea Plantation-

    “Tamaryokucha” is a type of Japanese green tea. Compared to common green tea, tamaryokucha has a unique refreshing taste and is very easy to drink. For three consecutive years, “Sonogi tea” from Higashi-sonogi has won the No.1 Tamaryokucha category. The tea picking season peak occurs around late April, and every year the “Sonogi Tea Market” event is held from Friday to Sunday in the second week of May. You can enjoy the scenery of Omura Bay from a tea plantation located near our guest house.

  • ​-Chiwata Station-

    From Chiwata Station, you can enjoy the beautiful deep-blue ocean landscape. The station has a nostalgic atmosphere which has lasted since its opening in 1928. A diesel-powered train runs along the JR Omura line, meaning that passengers can freely view the outdoor scenery. Lastly, there is a wonderful photo location where it is recommended that visitors arrive to take a photo with the amazing sunset and deep-blue ocean.

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Saito Shukuba

1662-8 Dajigo Higashisonogi-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki 859-3927 Japan

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